Stage 2

$ 900.00CAD

WOOCS 2.2.5

The construction of this subframe is extremely similar to the stage1, same quality chromoly 4130 tubing and 4140 billet frame anchorage. The suspension arms (LCA) attachment point was raised 1inch to lower the roll center and to bring back some natural camber when the suspension is completely compress, but we maintain the rack and pinion at the stock position which will throw the bumpsteer out of specs. You can still drive it on the street without problem until you go thru all of your suspension travel, there will be a sudden tweech in the direction(steering).

This subframe is design to work perfectly (corrected bumpsteer) with our racing kit or if you want that extra low for you show car and need to have a completely bolt on subframe and don’t mind the toe issue. Or with fwd knuckle (regular 1.8t) a simple tie rod flip (not included in the kit) will bring the bumpsteer closer to spec.

  • Completely bolt on, NO trimming is required
  • Expect toe issues
  • No engine spacers required
  • Stiffer and lighter (25%) over stock unit
  • Compatible with stock transmission mount (dog bone)

Impossibility to run stock mk4 arms but compatible with other aftermarket brand