Suspension arms

Stage 1

$ 660.00CAD

WOOCS 2.2.5

Always in stock ready to ship, these suspension arms are the first step toward better handling and increased stiffness on your race car. They are our entry level performance part, we design those suspension arms with affordability and stiffness in mind, triangulated design, massif chromoly tubing and chromoly spherical rod end will provide you with the best handling respond you can get.  We manage to fabricate those arms with the best quality chromoly tubing on the market and yet keep the price at the lowest. Those arms were conceived to be the strongest on the market, very limited adjustability for added reliability and cost efficiency. You can get up to 1deg of negative camber with those arms and 7deg caster.

  • compatible with stock subframe end all of WotLab subframe
  • the strongest suspension arms (LCA) we are currently producing
  • Updatable spherical rod ends (FK Bearing)
  • Stainless steel bushing
Suspension arms