Vw Mk4 and Audi TT Subframe

$ 925.00CAD

WOOCS 2.2.5

Design for track but suitable for the street, this subframe was design to give the best clearance possible with the car chassis and component. We corrected the suspension geometry by giving you the possibility to adjust your suspension on 3 differente point.  A big feature also, everything was design so you can change and adapte the geometry of your suspension to your setup by simply changing the suspension arms spacers or directly on the rack and pinion spacers, you can add some pro or anti dive feature and fine tune the bump steer to suit your car. It is compatible with most aftermarket brand ( regarding down pipe, lca, rack and pinon braket...)

In the suspension arm adjustment you get 3 possition : Stock geometry, 1'' roll center corrected and 1'' roll center corrected + add camber feature.  Those modifications allow the suspension arms to be more on an upward or level with the ground thus lowering the roll center and correcting the bump steer, resulting in less body roll and the capacity to run softer springs on the track or simply removing the anti roll bar. The connection from the subframe to the chassis of your vw is made with a solid piece of billet chromoly 4140, tubing is first grade USA 4130 chromoly, no more need for bushing and new hardware is provided to complete the phim sex phụ đề installation. With the newest design you will gain a lote of stiffness and save about 25% of weight over the stock subframe.  Design to maintain the stock or aftermarket transmission mount (dogbone).


  • On this generation of subframe, the rack and pinion is at the stock With the raised rack and pinion, you will need to enlarge the hole in the firewall at its junction by 1\4’’ to allow the rack to sit properly. See pictures
  • On AWD cars (Audi TT and R32) you will need to run 19mm engine spacers to allow the driveshaft to clear the rack and pinion. We can build the subframe with a raised dogbone, this will allow you the run engine spacer without having to put the spacers between the transmission and the transmission mount (dogbone), adding strength.
  • You will lose some clearance at the junction of the downpipe and the rack and pinion as well as the junction of the tie rod assembly and the chassis.
  • Made upon order to customer specification
  • Impossibility to run stock mk4 arms but compatible with other aftermarket brand
  • Stiffer and lighter (25%) over stock unit
  • Compatible with stock transmission mount (dog bone)